Nova System: Latest software version


What is the latest software for Nova System?


Latest software version for the Nova System is 1.20.

Click here to download it.

Changes from version 1.13:

• Midi tempo sync of delaytimes and Mod speeds didn’t work correctly ‐ fixed
• To exit Tuner mode two pushes of a switch were needed ‐ fixed
• Saved system and user bank dumps couldn’t be restored ‐ fixed
• Changing scale of the intelligent pitch shifter had no immedate effect ‐ fixed
• Factory default feature didn’t work correctly for some subtypes ‐ fixed
• Output level difference between L + R channel of dynamic delay ‐ fixed
• Pedal position wasn’t read out at preset change in "master :pedal" mode – fixed
• Typo in the midi dump received test ‐ fixed

• Added Midi sysEX documentation
• Added confirmation message when midi dumps are received
• VeriSign applied to the MS Windows updater
• Optimised Midi receive buffer
• SysEx ID is ignored when receiving a System Dumps
• Optimised flash usage
• Display of tempo dependent parameters is updated if the tempo is changed via MIDI
• Tap tempo feature is disable when unit is synced to Midi clock (info text for user)

Changes from version 1.11:

• User bank 19 could occasionally be skipped when selecting banks – fixed;
• Delay parameter of intelligent pitch shifter not working – fixed;
• Tap tempo now measured on “down-press”, allowing for more accurate tempo adjustment
• Expression pedal assignment of preset not sticking/ recalled correctly – fixed;
• Delay variations using dual delay subtype weren’t recalled correctly – fixed;
• Cut filters of the delay subtypes not working correctly – fixed;
• Quick store feature not working (after updating to 1.02) – fixed;
• The soft clipper could produce clipping on the delay repeats of presets using the dual delay subtype – fixed;
• Loading a saved "Mod" variation changed settings of the Pitch block too – fixed;
• Custom mapping of outgoing Midi program changes not working correctly – fixed;
• Using high feedback values (->65 %) for the pitch shifter could lead to audio artefacts – fixed;

Changes from version 1.10:

• The update fixes a start up issue where units would occasionally freeze during start-up.

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