Pedal buzz issue


I have a few TC Electronic pedals in front of my amplifier:
A PolyTune 2 Mini, a Spark Booster and a MojoMojo Overdrive.

Then I put the other ones in the FX loop of my amplifier:
A Flashback Delay X4 and a Hall Of Fame Reverb.

I am happy with the sound but I have a constant buzz. It increases when I turn on the Spark Booster or the MojoMojo Overdrive. What could I do to cancel this buzz. It is annoying.


Most of time buzz issues are due to ground loop. This loop is produced between audio ground and mains earth. Often this occurs with pedals connected in the front of the amp and pedals connected in the effect loop of this amplifier.

What are the solutions:

  • Remove all pedals from your signal chain and connect them again one by one. That's to Isolate the pedal which produces buzz. Verify by swapping with another one. 
  • Avoid using a daisy chain power supply. On these power supplies the outputs are not isolated and are common for all pedals
  • Use a separate power supply for the pedal which produces the buzz
  • Use a battery for the pedal which produces the buzz
  • Check all cables in your sound chain. Both audio and power cables.
  • Keep away audio from power cables
  • Use an isolated and regulated power supply. The best power supplies are brick power supplies as Voodoo Lab, Cioks, T-Rex...

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