Plug-in transfers while upgrading to PowerCore Express


If I upgrade to the PowerCore Express, will I be able to transfer my plug-ins registered to my old PowerCore to the new Express card?


If you wish to use your old PowerCore with the same machine as your new PowerCore Express, you do not need to have the registration changed. The plug-ins will run on both cards in one system.

However, in case you wish to use only the new PowerCore Express card in your system and need to have your plug-in registration (-s) changed, please refer to this FAQ for more information.

If you own either the Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford InflatorOxford Limiter, Oxford Transient ModulatorAudiffex VL2 or the SpinAudio RoomVerb -- you will have to get in touch with the either NoveltechSonnoxAudiffex or SpinAudio to inquire about the possibility of transferring your plug-in registrations.

Please note: the PowerCore Express upgrade program is no longer available.

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