PolyTune: "Pop" noise when switching on / off


I have a brand new PolyTune 2. It works fine but every time I push the footswitch to turn the PolyTune on or off, a 'pop' noise sounds is produced! This happens from the first time I used it. What can I do about it?


A small 'pop' can occur if a buffered pedals or active guitar pickups are used in front of the Polytune. This is normal for true-bypass pedals. It happens as well if there is a preamp in front of the PolyTune (or in the guitar) that causes the true bypass switch to pop. Here are a couple of possible solutions:

  1. Put your PolyTune first in the chain and input your guitar straight in the PolyTune 
  2. Don't use gain/distortion while tuning 
  3. Use an isolated output from your power supply (not a daisy chain) to your PolyTune (and ONLY the PolyTune) 
  4. Use a battery

If it happens only the first time you use your PolyTune after sitting for a bit, that means the capacitors need to charge before use. The solution is to plug the pedal in and turn it on for a few minutes with the volume turned down to allow the capacitors to charge and after that you will not have the pop noise problem.

This FAQ is for all PolyTune models and for all pedals as soon as you use it in true bypass mode. With other pedals, select buffered bypass with the internal dip switch N°1 if you are experiencing this issue. See the user manual at section "Switching the pedal from true bypass to buffered bypass mode". 


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