PowerCore Element vs PowerCore PCI


What is the difference between the PowerCore Element and the PowerCore PCI?


The PowerCore Element and the PowerCore PCI are identical, except:

  • The PowerCore Element will not run the Master X3 plugin, which is included with the PowerCore PCI. As the Master X3 cannot be purchased separately, you should go for the PowerCore PCI if you need the Master X3, or you can purchase the optional Master X5 plugin which does the same but has more advanced features. Click here for more info about Master X5.

Which means that:

  • PowerCore Element has the same amount of DSP power, so it can run the same amount of plugins as the PowerCore PCI.
  • You can purchase the same optional plugins for the PowerCore Element as for the PCI.
  • It has the same hardware and software support as the PowerCore PCI

Please note: both PowerCore Element and PowerCore are now discontinued.

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