PowerCore: How to purchase an ownership transfer


How do I purchase an ownership transfer of an optional PowerCore plug-in or PowerCore unit with optional plug-ins?


Please note:

  • You're able to move licenses around between 2nd generation PowerCore units on your PowerCore account, free of charge. More information about moving licenses, can be found here.
  • If you're planning on buying or selling a PowerCore that will only be used with the included plug-ins, no ownership transfer is necessary.

It's not possible to transfer the following units / licenses:

  • PowerCore PCI
  • PowerCore Element
  • Virus PowerCore Multi DSP License or D-Coder (using PowerCore version 2.x or higher)
  • Assimilator, D-Coder, Master X3 or Master X5 (using PowerCore software version 1.6.2 or lower).
  • Any included PowerCore plug-ins.

The following units can be transferred:

  • PowerCore PCI mkII
  • PowerCore Unplugged
  • PowerCore Express
  • PowerCore Compact
  • PowerCore FireWire
  • PowerCore X8
  • PowerCore 6000

The following optional plug-in licenses can be transferred:

For all software products please check that NFR ("Not For Resale") is not printed on the package or appear as part of the name of the registered product onyour TC My Account. This type is not supported and cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

For PowerCore Fabrik C and R licenses, please check that "Konnekt Owner License" does not appear as part of the name of the registered product on your TC My Account. This type was provided free of charge to owners of both PowerCore and Konnekt and cannot be resold or transferred under any circumstances.

  • Assimilator (using PowerCore version 2.x or higher).
  • DVR2,
  • Fabrik C
  • Fabrik R
  • Harmony4
  • Intonator HS
  • Master X5 (using PowerCore version 2.x or higher).
  • MD3
  • NonLin 2
  • Restoration Suite
  • Tap Factory
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B
  • UnWrap
  • V-Station
  • Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle
  • Virus PowerCore Basic / Single DSP
  • VoiceModeler
  • VSS3

Transfer prices:

  • 20 USD for the transfer of a single license, from one unique PowerCore to another unique PowerCore.
    This means, if you wish to transfer plug-in 'x' to user 'a' and plug-in 'y' to buyer 'b', you will need to purchase two transfers, one for each plug-in.
  • 30 USD for the transfer of a single PowerCore hardware unit, with or without optional plug-in licenses, from a single PowerCore account to another PowerCore account. 
  • Please note: should your PowerCore hardware break and you require a transfer, the transfer is free. Simply get in touch with the Support Team who can assist you further. Please note: in order to get a free license transfer, you will have to permanently return your PowerCore hardware to a TC office. Please note: the returned unit will become property of TC and will not be sent back to you.

Before you transfer:

  1. If you are reselling only an optional plug-in license, you need to remove it first. For more information, click here.
  2. If you are reselling only an optional plug-in license, the buyer needs to have a registered 2nd generation (all except PCI and Element) PowerCore unit, on his account. Ask him for his account ID as you will need it later.

How to transfer:

  1. Buy the appropriate license transfer option here. Once the transaction completes you will receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please check your spam filters or any spam blocking you or your mail host may be using. 
  2. Contact the TC Support Team and be sure to provide the following
    1. Your Store order number.
    2. The serial number of the optional plug-in license (-s) / PowerCore unit being transferred.
    3. The PowerCore Acccount ID of the buyer.
  3. Please note: this is NOT an automated process and allow for 2-3 business days turnaround, but note it can take longer during public or seasonal holidays. 

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