PowerCore: No audio in ProTools 9/10 on Lion


The PowerCore plug-ins seem to wrap ok, launch ok, but no audio. What's wrong?


The problem explained:

Lion changed a default permissions setting on the /Library/Application Support folder to Read Only for admin, and when you install Powercore and it tries to wrap the plugins to RTAS using the FXPansion VST->RTAS wrapper it can’t write a core component that it needs in order to communicate between instances and pass audio around. This meant that the Powercore, as well as all the other FXpansion wrapped plugins no longer had any sound. 


  1. First check that the system location /Library/Application Support is write-able from your admin user-account and that the file com.fxpansion.fxshared.bundle exists in that folder. If that component doesn’t exist, or it can’t be created because the system permissions don’t allow for it, the wrapper won’t be able to start its audio stream.
  2. Navigate to /Library/Application Support and hit cmd+I to see the properties. Click the padlock (and enter your password if prompted). Change the permissions from Read Only to Read & Write.
  3. Do a re-install of the Powercore software.

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