PowerCore: Overview of available optional plug-ins


Which optional plug-ins are available for the PowerCore platform?


From TC Electronic the following optional plug-ins are available

  • Assimilator, a FFT-based EQ-curve assimilation and morphing tool.
  • DVR2 PowerCore, true vintage reverb flavor with the EMT250 emulation from the TC Electronic System6000. 2
  • Dynamic EQ, high-end mixing and mastering EQ. 1
  • Fabrik C, a full featured channelstrip with EQ, De-esser, 3-band/full band compressor and limiter.
  • Fabrik R, 4 reverbs in one plug-in with a user interface that is very easy to use.
  • Filtroid, filterbank with dual resonant multimode filters. 1
  • Master X5, 5 band dynamics processing for PowerCore.
  • MD3 Stereo Mastering, professional mastering tools from the legendary TC Electronic System6000. 2
  • NonLin2, stereo effects reverb from the TC Electronic System6000. 2
  • Restoration Suite, a suite of 5 plug-ins offering high-end audio restoration. 1
  • Tap Factory, a early reflection reverb / multi tap delay, based upon Reflector LCR from the TC Electronic System6000. 2
  • TC Thirty, a extremely accurate virtual model of the classic british Vox amplifier from 1961.
  • UnWrap, stereo to 5.1 conversion from the the TC Electronic System6000. 2
  • Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle, a bundle of 5 plug-ins emulating classic TC guitar pedals.
  • VSS3 PowerCore, the high-end stereo source reverb algorithm ported over from the TC Electronic System6000. 2

Available from 3rd party developers:

1. Character, DeNoise (from Restoration Suite), Dynamic EQ & Filtroid are included in the software package for PowerCore X8, FireWire, Compact, Express, PCI mkII & Unplugged.

2. Character, DeNoise (from Restoration Suite), DVR2, Dynamic EQ, Filtroid, NonLin2, MD3, Tap Factory, UnWrap & VSS3 are included in the software package for PowerCore 6000.

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