PowerCore: Plug-ins are no longer authorized after system re-install


I just re-installed my system and installed the PowerCore software, and now my plug-ins are no longer working - what is going on?


This can happen, if -

  1. You have previously requested your optional plug-ins from us, and installed them using separate plug-in installers,
  2. You are using 2nd generation PowerCore hardware (all, except PowerCore PCI and PowerCore Element).

From version 2 and upwards, the PowerCore software comes with all included and optional plug-ins - this means:

  • The plug-ins you have not authorized via license files, will run in demo mode (and eventually, they will run out of demo time),
  • The plug-ins you have authorized via license files, will run fully enabled.

To resolve this, you need to authorize your optional plug-ins using license files. Click here for more information on how to do that.

If you using 1st generation PowerCore hardware (PowerCore PCI & PowerCore Element), you will need to request a new plug-in installer from your TC My Account.

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