PowerCore: Plug-ins are not available / visible in DAW


The Powercore is correctly installed on my 64 bit Operating System (Windows 7, 8) and the control panel can detect it, but I cannot see or open any plugins in my DAW. Why?


You are probably using a 64 bit ausio host application (DAW)

The 64-bit software contains 64-bit driver binaries to support 64-bit Windows and Mac operating systems but the plug-in binaries are 32-bit only. This means, when using a 64-bit audio host application, bridging is necessary in order to be able to load 32-bit plug-ins.

Since there is no 64 bit-to-32 bit plug-in bridge included in most DAWs, you may use a third party bridge i.e. "32 Live", or "Jbridge"

Please note: PowerCore is not tested with or supports 64 bit host applications. 

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