PowerCore: Porting plug-ins to native plug-in formats


Will TC be making native versions of the PowerCore plug-ins?


We have no plans for doing native versions of the PowerCore plug-ins.

With that out of the way, we have of course considered all possible options for extending the life of the PowerCore plug-ins. Those considerations included upgrading the hardware with new DSPs and porting the PowerCore plug-ins to native formats (AU, VST, RTAS or AAX).

Unfortunately, the combination of algorithm complexity, tailor-made PowerCore hardware and corresponding software structure, makes it a monumental undertaking to port the PowerCore effect algorithms from Freescale 56K DSPs (used in the PowerCore hardware) to any other CPU or processor, making this, effectively, a non-starter.

It might sound trivial to do, but it absolutely is not.

On top of that, even if it were somewhat possible to port the algorithms to other processors -- which it is not -- many of the most popular PowerCore plug-ins were developed by 3rd parties which might not even be interested in, or able to, port their proprietary algorithms to alternative platforms / processors.

TC Electronic would like nothing better than to be able to offer the complete package of PowerCore effect algorithms in native formats, but it's unfortunately not a realistic option.

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