PowerCore / Pro Tools: true stereo reverb plug-ins


Which reverbs process in 'true stereo' -- in the sense that the stereo perspective of the dry signal is observed and not summed to mono before the reverb?


Please note this only describes what type of signal is being fed into a given part of the reverb effect and whether or not the stereo perspective of the dry signal is observed for the input of either the 'Early reflections' or 'Reverb tail' sections.

All these plug-ins produce a stereo reverb signal on their outputs, regardless of the fact that the dry signal is being summed to mono before being processed.


The dry signal is summed to mono
before processing for:

The stereo perspective of the dry signal
is retained for:

ClassicVerb  1

Early reflections + Reverb tail  2

Early reflections + Reverb tail  2

DVR2  3

Early reflections + Reverb tail

Fabrik R   1 

Early reflections + Reverb tail


Reverb tail

Early reflections

NonLin2  3

Early reflections + Reverb tail


Early reflections + Reverb tail


1  ClassicVerb and Fabrik R are not available for Pro Tools.
2  In ClassicVerb, this depends on the type of reverb you choose.
3  DVR2 and NonLin2 do not have separately adjustable 'Early reflections' and 'Reverb tail'.

When using the plug-ins in your audio host program in a send/return configuration, please note that you will only observe the true stereo processing if you feed a true stereo bus signal to the plug-in in question.

For instance, under Apple's Logic Pro, signals sent via the busses are summed to mono, when 'Universal Track Mode' is enabled.

To find out whether your audio host program has true stereo busses, please consult the vendor in question and/or the product manual.

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