PowerCore: Running plug-ins on Vienna Ensemble Pro Server


I am running PowerCore on a DAW with Vienna Ensemble Pro server 64 bit. I can't see any PowerCore VST plug-ins in my server window. What's wrong?


Please note that the latest PowerCore driver supports 64 bit kernel OS but the plug-in binary code is 32 bit.

Since the VE Pro 64 bit Plug-in can connect to VE Pro 32bit Server and the VE Pro 64 bit Server on your host you should install both, 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the VE Pro Server software on your slave.

Use the 32 bit server to host 32 bit instruments/ plug-ins (i.e. the PowerCore plug-ins) and the 64 bit server to host your 64 bit instruments/ plug-ins.

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