PowerCore hardware comparison


Which type of PowerCore is better?


Your choice depends on two things:

  1. What plug-ins do you need?
  2. How mobile do you wish to be?
  • PowerCore Element / PowerCore PCI (both discontinued) comes with 9 plug-ins. It is a PCI expansion card that you can insert into your computer.
  • PowerCore PCI mkII / PowerCore Express comes with 14 plug-ins and is a PCI expansion card you can insert into your computer.
  • PowerCore Unplugged is a PCI mkII card without any bundled plug-ins. It is ideal as a 2nd PowerCore for your existing system or for users who wish to use the PowerCore with select 3rd party PowerCore plug-ins.
  • PowerCore Compact (now discontinued) comes with 14 plug-ins. It is a nice little box that connects to your computer via FireWire. PowerCore Compact is perfect if you wish to use it in different locations.
  • PowerCore FireWire comes with 14 plug-ins. It is a 19" rack mountable unit that connects to your computer via FireWire the same way PowerCore Compact does.
  • PowerCore X8 comes with 14 plug-ins and a plug-in voucher which can be redeemed towards optional plug-ins in our webshop. It is -- like the PowerCore FireWire -- a 19" rack mountable unit, which is the most powerful PowerCore yet, with twice as much power as the PowerCore FireWire, Unplugged, PCI mkII and Express.
  • PowerCore 6000: similar in power to the X8, the 6000 adds all the normally optional System 6000 plug-ins to the package of included plug-ins.

You can hook up several PowerCores in one system - independent of which type of PowerCore you have.

For more information regarding the processing power of each, as well as an overview over the bundled plug-ins, please see our PowerCore Comparison Chart.

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