Röttweiler / Nova Drive: Noise and feedback when not playing


My Nova Drive/Röttweiler pedal is making a lot of noise when it is turned on - is that normal?


This is very common for high-gain distortion pedals like the Nova Drive and the Röttweiler (and for a lot of of high-gain amps as well).

One solution to this is to switch the pedal off when you are not playing, but of course that may prove to be quite impractical, particularly if the music you are playing features a lot of breaks and "start-stops" such as some modern metal music.

Another solution is to use a noise gate such as the Boss NS-1, where you insert your distortion pedal into the loop of the noise gate pedal and set a threshold for when it should mute your signal. Set up correctly, this will mean that your signal goes entirely quiet when you are not playing, without you having to switch off your Nova Drive/Röttweiler constantly to avoid noise. The Nova System features a built in noise gate for this very purpose.

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