Reverb 4000: Software version version 1.11


What is the latest software for the Reverb4000 ?


The latest software version is 1.11, release date December 5th 2004.

Added M5000 preset emulations as well as other high end presets.

To facilitate integration of a non compromise reverb with a typical workstation production environment, software 1.11 now also supports the Icon Editor, which allows you to remote control the unit from your audio workstation via USB.

For a complete overview of all the presets offered, refer to the new preset list in the Reverb 4000 Manual section of the TC website.

The latest software can be obtained on PCMCIA card through your supplier or via our webshop.

Alternatively, you can download the software below, and can make a software update card by using either a TC 4000, 5000 or 6000. Please note, it's only possible to make upgrade cards using PCMCIA cards having > 1 MB of storage.


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