Sonar 4: Virus does not output any sound


My Virus plug-in does not output any sound. I was just making some adjustments to my audiotrack and suddenly, I no longer had any output. What is going on?


When you work with the Virus PowerCore in Sonar 4 you can slip into the following situation. When you set up the Virus as a Multi Out Instrument ... you get 4 Channels and with 4 MIDI tracks you are able to directly play these channels. We experienced - after doing some automation - that everytime I hit stop and play again the Virus output was completely gone ... first we had no idea why that happened. Every MIDI TRACK offers two sliders in the inspector bar for CHORUS and REVERB (Chr = Green / Rev = Purple) ... as soon as these parameters are touched ar moved or automated they will directly affect the Virus PowerCore - two parameters are directly editable with these sliders and the funny thing is, that everytime you hit stop and play or save the project these parameters will jump to 0.

CHORUS = Transpose (FX2 Page),
REVERB = Patch Vol (Osc Page).

Please note: as these parameters are set to 0 everytime you save or hit the space bar, you will of course hear nothing.

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