Spark 2.7 to 2.7.1 update


Update to Spark ME, LE Plus, and Spark XL 2.7.


New features and fixes: 

  • Spark now supports the hosting of Mach-O plug-ins.
  • Some users have reported experiencing a crash after creating the disk image during the CD burning process. In all tested systems, this appears to be fixed.
  • When some devices were set to receive sync from an external clock (such as S/PDIF), Spark would give the message "Sampling Frequency has changed" several times the next time you launched Spark.
  • It is now possible to use an Input only device such as an USB Microphone while using the system's default I/O Device for playback.
  • Recording is now always triggered at the input, reducing the probability of dropouts during record. (Please note that drop-outs may still occur while monitoring on some I/O Devices.)
  • Fixed a crash that appeared when using the iMic.
  • Enabled recording with Edirol UA-1D at all supported input sample rates. For sample rates that cannot be managed by the output, monitoring is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue when several I/O Devices were present, the OS would not recognize the Edirol UA-1D. Spark will now find the device, even when it cannot be found by the OS.

Please note:

  • When opening the UA-1D recording dialog, the displayed device rate is often 48 kHz even though the sample rate in the audio file is 44.1. After a manual device reset the displayed rate is correct.
  • With the Emagic 2|6 / A26, format in Recording Dialog should not be set to "Best", only "16 bit". At 24 bits ("Best"), simultaneous Input / Output is not possible. This issue is hard to detect from within Spark as this is a limitation in the device's firmware. While it is unknown if this will be fixed, Emagic has updated the firmware of other devices that displayed this behavior.
  • Spark no longer supports Mac OS Classic with new features.


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