Spark & Spark XL 2.5.1 Update


Spark & Spark XL 2.5.1 Update.


Update: Spark and Spark XL 2.51

Installation requirements:

  • To download this update installer, you must have your Spark or Spark XL serial number.
  • To install this update, you must have your Spark or Spark XL 2.5 Installation CD in your computer's drive during the update. If you do not have your Spark 2.5 Installation CD, or you are using a version prior to Spark 2.5, please contact your local TC Customer Service Center or get in touch with our Support Team.

Spark and Spark XL new features:

  • Recording dialog now automatically begins a new take if the file format don't support larger files. (This is only true if the Hard Disk has enough space.)
  • The Maximum file size allowed by WAV and AIFF is 2 GB per single file.

Spark's Direct IO now supports the following Sample Rates with ProTools HD:

  • 44.1kHz
  • 48kHz
  • 88.2kHz
  • 96kHz
  • 176.4kHz
  • 192kHz

Spark XL will NOT load HD Plug-Ins in the TDM Master. Any press release information about HD Plug-In Support in Spark XL is incorrect. A clarification has been issued.

Spark XL new features:

  • Spark XL now supports extended length recording when using SDII file format.
  • 44.1 kHz 13 hours 30 min
  • 192.0 kHz 3 hours 5 min

Fixes: Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X:

  • In the Recording dialog, the "DISK SPACE" meter now displays the remaining time correctly.
  • Spark would crash during record when the 14th take was activated from within the recording dialog
  • Recording dialog Monitor state (ON / OFF) is now correct.
  • It is now possible to select a QuickTime Encoder even if original Audio Encoder cannot be found.
  • Save audio file as for movies now don't allow to over-write Movies which are already in the AudioPool.
  • It is now possible to insert silence in an empty Audio file
  • It is now possible to create a new audio file when the right audio channel is selected.
  • Performing cut with "Auto-cut Silence at file end" preference enabled now works with stereo files.
  • When resizing a selection with the mouse, the start or end position stays at correct position.
  • Files with same name but a different file extension on files larger than 40 MB now show the correct overview.
  • The "Create File" dialog functions correctly when the Playlist is the focus.
  • Crash fixed when a "Create File" was performed with both the "Add Tail" & "Jog Shuttle" options activated.
  • A graphic error would occur if you first open a very small QuickTime movie followed by a larger QuickTime movie.
  • TC Native CL now works correct with all sample rates!

Fixes OS X:

  • Sharing and user Access privilege handling has improved.
  • The audio volume is no longer reset to Maximum Level when Spark is launched!
  • Installation now requires administrator rights.
  • If using Spark from a User Account which only has read access to the SPARK folder or the default folders (Audio Files, BatchPresets, Temp), Spark will create and use folders in the users Documents folder. The result is much faster performance in OS X.

Direct downloadlinks:

Spark 2.5.1 updater
Spark XL 2.5.1 updater

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