Spark plug-ins show a red "No Authorization" message


When I open a Spark or SparkXL Plug-In, they show a red "no authorization" and do not process any audio. I have already authorized the software with the challenge / response procedure! How do I solve this situation?


Fortunately, this is very easy to fix, and even easier to prevent.

Spark checks authorization by verifying the location of where the plug-ins are originally installed on your system. If the application or plug-ins have been moved after installation, Spark may have a difficult time verifying authorization and all included Spark plug-ins will show a red 'no authorization' message.

The solution is very easy. First, back up all audio files and presets saved in your Spark sub-folders. Then, remove Spark from your system by deleting the following files:

  • Spark or SparkXL folder
  • Spark FX Machine Data (System / Preferences /...)
  • Spark Preferences (System / Preferences /...)
  • TCPluginSupport (System / Extensions /...)
  • TCPluginData (System / Extensions /...)

Now empty the trash and reinstall Spark version 2.0. If you would like to place Spark into a folder other than the default, you can make this selection with the "Install Location" option available during installation.

After installaiton, start the application once and check if the effects are authorized. Now, start the installer for Spark version 2.02. The plug-ins are now authorized.

Note: please do not delete any items out of the Spark or Spark XL folder. It is possible that this will result in exactly the same situation.

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