System 6000: Routing input channels to comply with 5.1 recording standards


How should I route my input channels to comply with 5.1 recording standards?


To best comply with the channel allocation used by most digital AES-format equipment, the input/output channels on surround algorithms are allocated as follows.

  • 1. Left
  • 2. Right
  • 3. Center
  • 4. LFE
  • 5. Left Surround
  • 6. Right Surround

These channel allocations comply with the following standards :

  • ITU recommendation ITU-R BR. 1384. Parameters for international Exchange of Multichannel Sound Recordings, 1998.
  • SMPTE 320M-1999, for Television-Channel assignments and levels on Multichannel Audio Media
  • Surround Sound Forum Recommended Practise SSF-02/-E-2 (3-5-99), Multichannel Recording Format, Parameter for Programme Interchange and archiving, Alignment of Reproduction Equipment.

Grouping the Inputs/Outputs this way ensures optimal flexibility of further external processing and archiving, when working on setups following the above mentioned standards.

Nevertheless, the System 6000 gives you total routing flexibility of physical Inputs/Outputs to the Engine Inputs/Outputs.

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