System 6000 plug-ins vs System 6000 hardware: which is better?


When running the System 6000 plug-ins, how does the PowerCore 6000 compare, to the PowerCore X8, the Pro Tools plug-ins and the System 6000 hardware? Does they sound the same or which is better?


The algorithms are similar in performance to their System 6000 equivalents and even feature preset compatibility. What cannot be guaranteed, however, is the interaction between the ported algorithm and the (3rd party) DAW host program. You should therefore verify the internal send / return resolution, latency, jitter etc. and expect some parameters to change dynamically in most DAW setups, and that these will affect the overall perception of the sound.

Nevertheless, the PowerCore hardware, Pro Tools|HD / Core / Accel cards and the System 6000 mainframe all use the same Freescale (formerly Motorola) DSPs, which means the DSP chips as well as the algorithms themselves, are identical on all these platforms.

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