System 6000 to MKII upgrade: Checklist before sending the unit in for upgrade


What should I check or what actions should I take before sending my unit for hardware upgrade to version MKII?


Please read carefully all the instructions below, and if necessary take action.

1) Save your current user presets banks on a a PCMCIA card or on a computer using TC ICON EDITOR.

PCMCIA: press LIBRARY / BANK  and choose the tabs "from BANK" "to BANK" . The card must be formated to receive S6000 presets (menu Frame/System / Main / card)

COMPUTER: Latest Icon Editor can be downloaded from here. Connect a PC or a MAC to the Frame via ethernet. If the computer is the only device connected to the frame use a ethernet crossed cable. If you have S6000 connected to other frames and / or Icon Hardware, use a Switch and connect all components in a network Set a matching IP adress on the computer.

Create a Shared Folder on your PC / MAC and  open the TC Icon Editor - Press Library / Bank and use the "from BANK" / "to SHARED" buttons to transfer the user bank on the Computer. You will need to set the path for the shared folder in the edit line.

Make sure to save all your banks: SCENES/ROUTING/ENGINES

2) If you have older preset banks saved on Floppy disks.

You will need to transfer these banks one by one to your S6000 frame, then on the computer or PCMCIA using the method described in 1). You cannot copy them directly on a PC, they won't be directly readable by the editor.  

3) If you have automation lists saved on floppies.

These files can be directly copied on a Shared folder on the computer. They will be available for the ICon Editor.  If you do not have a Floppy drive in the computer, use the frame to do the transfers, using the Icon Editor - You'll have to do that for all your Automation lists.

The Automation files can be handled in the AUTO menu.

4) Load a recent ICON software on your Old Icon hardware. (optional)*

 * If you send your CPU MKI with the frame, we will update its software at the same time as performing the upgrade of the frame hardware. 

However you can also do it yourself with a PC. In that case, please follow instructions below. The update is also possible with a MAC, but only with an older OSX 10.6.8 - It is not possible with newer OS's. 

Download the Icon Software (7.5) from here

CPU MKI should be loaded with version 7.5. This is the latest tested and working version on CPU MKI. 

Please follow directions on this document :  Old icon Update

Once your old Icon CPU is updated to control MKII, It will have limited features concerning preset handling compared to the ICON CPU MKII or TC ICON EDITOR. The old icon CPU can only backup presets on a PCMCIA card. It cannot save presets or automation files on a shared file placed on a computer in the network. These operations are possible with Icon editor and Icon CPU MKII.

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