TC 2290: How to build a footcontroller to control the loops


How do I build an external footcontroller to control my loops ?


You can find a PDF file of the schematic, showing how to build a pedal yourself, below.

The four buttons on the remote control can on the TC2290 be programmed to do different tasks.
The default settings are:

Key1: Delay ON/OFF toggle
Key2: Last preset
Key3: Preset up
Key4: Preset down

The fifth button "Learn/Trig" can 'only' have the same function as the Learn button on the frontpanel and thus be used for tapping delay time.

You will find information regarding programming the assign / remote keys in chapter 9.5 in your TC2290 owners manual.

An example of how to make the remote key 2 to toggle loop 1 on/off:

Press <SPEC> <7> <0> <ENTER> : Remote key 2 string begin
Press <6> <0> <ENTER> : keycode for <CHANGE> button
Press <SPEC> <7> <1> <ENTER> : 2nd Remote key 2 string location
Press <1> <ENTER> : keycode for <1> button
Press <SPEC> <7> <1> <ENTER> : 3rd Remote key 2 string location
Press <1> <9> <9> <ENTER> : code for end assign string.

Please note that this is a global parameter and the remote keys will have these functions in all presets. Programming of assign keys (KeyA and KeyB) will be effective in all presets except sampling presets.

You can also store the settings of your loops in the presets.

I.e. one preset with a delay on xxmS and loop1:ON, loop2:OFF etc. Another preset with a chorus settings and loop1:OFF, loop2:ON etc. etc.

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