TC 2290: How to use the effect loops as logic controls


How do I use the effect loops as logic controls?



Each of the 5 SEND outputs of the TC 2290 has a logic control output on the ring of the jack.
These outputs are shorted to ground when the corresponding EXT.EFFECT LOOP is OFF.
These LOGIC CONTROL outputs are capable of controlling a number of other devices which have a logic remote switch input. I.e. some guitar amplifiers.

Cable diagram for using the TC 2290 ExtEff sends to control i.e. bypass or channel switching can be found below.

As the LOGIC CONTROL OUTPUTS are 'open collector, pull to ground only', some limits must be followed:

Max. (off) voltage : +30VDC / -0.5VDC
Max. (on) current : +25mA @ +0.5V drop

The sleeve on the TC 2290 SEND jack sockets are connected to audio ground, thus hum loops might occur if the units are connected with audio cables as well as a logic control cable. In this case it is possible to disconnect the shield as stated in the note above.

Please note that the ground on the remote input on some devices doesn't have the same potential as the signal ground on the device (sleeve on the switch socket might i.e. be connected to +6V internally in the device). Thus, connecting to the TC 2290 would either damage the device or the TC 2290.

Please check with your technician if you are in doubt.

Used with an external power supply, you can activate (reed-) relays, allowing bipolar signals to be switched.

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