TC 2290: More than 1023 ms delay


Can I get more than 1023mS delay in my 2290?


Yes, most likely. The main reason for the 1023 ms limit is the setting of SPEC number 38 which factory default set to 1023.

Most units are running software 28.xx (or higher) and have most likely totally 4 sec. memory fitted. - If in doubt or having another software version: Please refer to "How do I know how much memory I've got in my TC2290?".

For a unit running ie. version 28.xx the default value of SPEC no. 7 is 4 seconds.

With 4 seconds fitted you can set SPEC no. 38 to 3839 giving you up to 3839 ms delay. (Please note that a recorded sample is deleted when changing to delay mode with the setting above).

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