TC 2290: The status on repairs / upgrades / options / spare parts


What is available for the TC 2290 in terms of repairs, upgrades and spare parts? 


TC 2290 was discontinued in 2002. The reason for discontinuation was mainly the lack of components. So many years after,  the situation has -- as you imagine -- not improved. Currently: 

Upgrades / Option: No Upgrades/Options are available, 

Spare parts: No spare parts are available - this also goes for single buttons or knobs.

Repairs: If a unit is faulty, we can only offer to check it at our headquarters in Denmark. Our service technicians will be able to determine if the unit is repairable or not and will provide a quotation for the repair.  Obviously, if the repair requires specific spares , it is very likely that we will not be able to repair the unit.

Before sending a unit,  please contact us for more information on the procedure to follow.

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