TC plug-ins in Digital Performer under Mac OS 9


How do TC plug-ins run in Digital Performer and other MAS applications under Mac OS 9?


Please note: the TC PlugInShell is ONLY for usage with Mac OS 9. PowerCore under Mac OS X supports only the VST and Audio Units plug-in formats.

TC plug-ins for MOTU's MAS format use the TC PlugInShell. This allows all of our PowerCore, Spark and Native Bundle plug-ins to run in Digital Performer or Audio Desk.

The TC PlugInShell must be located in the following location:

  • System: Extensions: MOTU: Plug-Ins" folder.

The TC PlugInShell will scan for all compatible TC Works' MAS Plug-Ins in the following locations:

  • System: Extensions: MOTU: Plug-ins" "System: Application Support: TCWorks: VST PlugIns" - this is the default install location for Spark and PowerCore plug-ins.

The TC PlugInShell will be installed automatically during the installation of the PowerCore Mac OS 9 software package. If you like to update to the last TCPlugInShell version please download it below.

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