TonePrint application: It does not work on my pedal


The TonePrint application does not work with my pedal. I can hear the data being sent but the TonePrint LED does not blink.


Here are some points to check in order to fix this common issue :

  • Try to uninstall the app from your phone and re-install it again. Check if the app is up-to-date. Here you will find the update procedure for Android smart phones and here you will find the update procedure for iOS smart phones.
  • Check that the TonePrint setting is selected and that the pedal is NOT bypassed.
  • Check that your guitar volume and your phone's playback level is turned up.
  • Check that you are holding your phone close to your guitar's pickup with the phone's speaker on the bottom, pointing towards the selected pickup, and that the correct pickup is selected (see the manual and "HOW TO" section of the app for more info).
  • If your TonePrint pedal is in a chain with other FX pedals, check that all previous pedals are in bypass mode, so that the TonePrint audio file does not get altered before reaching your pedal.
  • In order to properly 'beam' TonePrint information into your TC pedals, disconnect them from the effects loop of your amplifier and try to place them directly between your guitar and your amplifier.
  • Attempt to carry out a firmware update of your TC pedal.

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