TonePrint pedals: I/O balanced or unbalanced?


Do the TonePrint pedals have balanced or unbalanced input / output?


The TonePrint pedals and the other compact pedals built on the same hardware platform (such as MojoMojo Overdrive, Dark Matter Distortion and Röttweiler Distortion and Spark Booster) have unbalanced I/Os  - Use cables with TS jack  (standard instrument cables).

Applicable products

  • Alter Ego Delay
  • Corona Chorus
  • Dark Matter Distortion
  • Flashback Delay
  • Flashback X4
  • Hall of Fame Reverb
  • Gravy Chorus Vibrato
  • MojoMojo Overdrive
  • Röttweiler Distortion
  • Shaker Vibrato
  • Spark Booster
  • The Dreamscape
  • Transition Delay
  • Trinity Reverb
  • Vortex Flanger


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