TouchMonitor TM7 / TM9: How to request an optional software license?


How do I request an optional software license for TC TouchMonitor?


The TouchMonitor features a modular software concept that enables you to add new functions and instruments to your unit at any time.

The Licences menu is used to view the licences currently installed on the TouchMonitor and to acquire new licences. Instruments and functions already activated are marked with an „Installed“ sign. Instruments and functions that are not installed have an „order“ key. On the Licences menu you only will find licensing options that were already available at the release date of the software version installed on the unit.

If you want to acquire new licences, please proceed as follows:

  1. Insert the USB memory stick to one of the USB ports on the rear panel.
  2. Touch the empty space of the screen or one of the displayed instruments - the control bar appears.
  3. Touch the Menu key in the right section of the control bar to access the menu system showing the Main Menu:

  4. Touch the Licences key. The available software licences are displayed, the activated ones marked Installed.
  5. Touch the order keys of the licenses you wish to acquire.
  6. Touch the Export Requests key displayed in the left section of the control bar:

    The TouchMonitor will establish a folder structure on the USB stick named /rtw/touchmonitor/licence. An encrypted license request file (nnn_nn.lrf) depending on the individual serial number of the hardware unit is stored to this folder.
  7. Wait until the menu page confirming the successful export of the licence request file is displayed.
  8. Touch the Done key. This turns you back to the Main Menu:
  9. Remove the USB stick from the TouchMonitor, insert it to a USB port of your computer and send the license request file to your sales representative.
  10. After purchasing the license, a new file (nnn_nn.lf) containing the license request file will be sent to you.
    The returned license file is only valid for the individual unit the license request file was created on.
  11. The licence file (nnn_nn.lf) shall be stored to the same folder as the licence request file on the USB stick.
  12. Remove the USB stick from your computer and insert it to one of the USB ports on the rear panel of the TouchMonitor.
  13. Access the Licences menu as described in steps 2 to 4.
  14. The licence file will be recognized, and an Import Licence key will be shown in the left section of the control bar.
  15. Touch the Import Licence key to import the licence file to the unit:
  16. When the import is finished, reboot the TouchMonitor by touching the Back key:
  17. The licenced instrument or function is now permanently available.

    Some licenses require others to be installed first before you can acquire them. The SSA- Surround Sound Analyzer (SW20004) and the Radar display (SW20005) license both require the Loudness and SPL display (SW20002) license to be activated.

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