Triple C: Specifications for the expander


What are the threshold levels and ratios on the Expander and how do they work in relation to the Compressor?


The expander in the Triple-C operates independently of the compressor, and when turned on its settings are as follows (see the chart below).

The damping is equal to the negative makeup gain - 6 dB, meaning if the makeup gain is set at +12 dB, the damping will be -18 dB.

Lo threshold-49 dB
Mid threshold-53 dB
High threshold-59 dB
Low ratio1:2
Mid ratio1:2
High ratio1:2
Low attack1.4 ms
Mid attack1.4 ms
High attack1.4 ms
Low release1.0 sec
Mid release0.7 sec
High release0.5 sec
Damping-6 dB + (-makeup gain)

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