Triple-C: Two mono units working like a Finalizer


I would like to know if linking two Triple-Cs together will function like a Finalizer or is that a totally different animal?


First of all, the Finalizer has a lot of functions that are not avaliable in the Triple-C - neither the stereo nor the mono unit.

The similarity between the Finalizer and the Triple-C lies primarily in the multiband compression algorithm. Additionally, the Finalizer offers many more adjustable parameters (including the ability to set - for instance - attack, release, threshold and ratio, per band), and thus a much more flexible operation - not to mention the 96 KHz ability and much better converters.

So, the answer is: no, 2 Triple-C single channel units will not function exactly like a Finalizer.

However, you can achieve a somewhat similar result - if you link them via the Direct out/Sidechain in, and via MIDI also. Also, be aware that linking the units digitally is not possible - it will only work with analog I/O.

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