Triple-C: Using an analogue input as a sidechain when using the digital inputs


On the Triple-C, can I use an analogue input as a sidechain when using the digital inputs?


Unfortunately it is not possible to use an analogue input as sidechain, when using the digital input. You can use the right channel of the digital input as a sidechain to the left channel.

When using the sidechain with the analogue inputs, you can set the right input to be the sidechain to the left input.

Some typical sidechain applications :


Occasionally when recording vocals, the letter “s” seems to jump out louder than the rest of the part. This is because sibilant letters, especially the letter s, have more high frequency energy than other letters.

This “sibilance” can sometimes be eliminated by moving the microphone, but often a de-esser is required.

Many compressors allow you to perform de-essing on a track by using a sidechain. By placing an equalizer in the sidechain, you can set the compressor so that only certain frequency ranges trigger the unit to start compressing.


Ducking is often used when doing voiceovers. It allows background music to automatically be turned down whenever a external source, such as an announcer’s voice, begins to speak. You can also use ducking to have one instrument push the other out of the way, such as the bass guitar ducking every time the kick drum hits.

To make the compressor into a ducker, plug the source into the inputs and plug the trigger into the sidechain. The Sidechain return (the ring connection) isn’t used in this example. In the example below, the sound of a radio announcer’s voice will automatically turn the music down when he speaks and it will slowly fade back in after he stops.

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