Understanding TonePrints


What is a TonePrint exactly?


A TonePrint is a type of tuning of the underlying effect algorithm.

Many TC effect algorithms at their core can have dozens or even hundreds of parameters. Once that algorithm is ported to a new device -- be it either a high-end effects unit or a guitar pedal -- each adjustable parameter on the user interface can in reality control multiple parameters below the surface, as there are simply too many parameters for any one type of device to have access to all of them, in a way that makes the effect usable.

An editor is used to create TonePrints, and it allows editing of all algorithm parameters under the hood, and the mapping of those parameters, to each of the adjustable (in reality: meta-) parameters on the user interface of the pedal.

This provides much more flexibility for radically changing the effect in question, within the confines of the algorithm in question - meaning, it's not possible to turn a delay into a reverb, as the only parameters available are the ones that make sense for that algorithm.

Applicable products

  • Alter Ego Delay
  • Corona Chorus
  • Flashback Delay
  • Flashback X4
  • Hall of Fame Reverb
  • Gravy Chorus Vibrato
  • Shaker Vibrato
  • The Dreamscape
  • Transition Delay
  • Trinity Reverb
  • Vortex Flanger


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