Undocumented 24/7•C controls


Indeed there are:

  • To engage 'ALL BUTTONS MODE', you can either control-click (right click) one of the ratio buttons, or shift-click one at a time until all are engaged.
  • By clicking on the VU meter, you have the option to set the AUTO LEVEL HEADROOM. By holding the "Control" key while clicking on the OUTPUT gain, the level will automatically be adjusted to the setting in the preferences. Please note: this feature is ideal for program material. When using this feature on a track with a lot of dynamics and quiet passages, it may be the case that you engage the auto-level during a silent moment, driving the output setting to heavy distortion.
  • Setting the attack to the OFF position will bypass the compressor, allowing you to add color and even distortion to the signal. This can also add a lot of gain to the effect - please excercise caution!
  • A clip indication only means that there is internal clipping. It may be the case that this is desirable. Not all internal clips can be measured or perceived at the output stage.
  • By clicking on the VU meter, you have the option to choose the scale of 24/7•C. This setting influences the behaviour of the input and output knobs.
  • All options selected in the VU meter are saved with presets.
  • Releasing all Ratio buttons can cause a high level of gain to the effect, please excercise caution!

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