UnitY: Card stopped working and shows 'NO VALID SOFTWARE'


My TC Unity card stopped working and shows, "NO VALID SOFTWARE, PLEASE UPLOAD NEW SOFTWARE" on the display. What´s wrong?


The UnitY card software is not running when you get the message "No valid software...Please upload.." when you enter the UnitY screen. This message is a little confusing since the software might be valid but is - at least - not running.

  • Please remove the UnitY card. Insert a small piece of non-conducting material (i.e. a credit card) between the battery and the batteryclip for not less than 30 seconds.
    This will erase the RAM and initialize the UnitY card INCLUDING old presets AND demotime.
  • Please note that the battery can tilt and therefore make connection through the inner part of the clip if the plastic not is inserted properly.
  • Take care not to damage the magnetic strip on your credit card!

The procedure above will hopefully get your UnitY card running.

If your UnitY card still won't start: please try to download the software from the web and from upload new software to the card(thru the 02R) from your computer.

If this doesn't help, your card is damaged and cannot be made to work again. We no longer have any spare parts or spare UnitY cards available, and your best bet for a replacement card would be the 2nd hand market.

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