UnitY: Demotime counting down after entering permanent license


After inputting the initial licence code the card still seems to be counting down, as a message is saying "UnitY shuts down in T-28" flashed onto the screen. What's going on?


If the Initial license (and eventually an optional license) already is entered this message should be ignored. It is just the remaining demo time.

So, why show this warning? When a customer have entered his initial license for i.e. the M2000 DC he will still have access to the Finalizer DC within the demo time. You will not see this message again when the demo time for a card has expired completely.

You can check the status of the licenses by accessing the UnitY Utility page. In the preset name field, type @@ or UTILITY (on the far left hand side) then hit DMP.

Put "ST" on the command line field and press ENTER. Now you can see if your license is active. Press multiple times to cycle around through the licenses to check the status of them.

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