Using FireWire-based PowerCores with other FireWire peripherals


Can I use a FireWire-base PowerCore alongside a FireWire audio interface device / hard drive?


Yes, as long as you do not exceed the available bandwidth of the FireWire-bus, you can use the PowerCore alongside an audio interface device.

If you experience drop-outs in the audio, you may need to consider adding another FireWire bus to your system. There are several affordable PCMCIA / PCI / PCI Expresss FireWire adapter cards that will to this, and prevent overloads and drop-outs to happen. Should you get an adapter card, we would recommend that you connect the audio interface device to it's own FireWire bus.

Please note: A port is not the same thing as a bus. Many computers / FireWire adapter cards have multiple FireWire ports which are SHARING the same single FireWire bus. Please check with the manufacturer or the product documentation to see if this is the case.

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