Using Konnekt / Impact audio interfaces with FireWire bus powering


Can the Konnekt audio interfaces work with FireWire bus-power?


Yes, Impact Twin, Konnekt Live, Konnekt 24D, Konnekt 8, and DesktopKonnekt 6 are all able to work with FireWire bus-power. With FireWire bus-power the device is powered directly from the FireWire connection and you do therefore not need to use the external power supply (included with Konnekt).

There are a few things to be aware of regarding bus-power:

  • Not all FireWire ports are able to provide bus-power. Some laptop computers carry 4-pin connectors. These do not provide bus-power.
  • Though most PCMCIA based FireWire cards have 6-pin FireWire connections they do not provide any FireWire  bus-power without an additional power supply attached.
  • If you run more than one Konnekt device on a FireWire bus, only one of them can be bus-powered; the others require power from the supplied external power supply.
  • Some laptop computers, even those with 6-pin connectors, do not provide enough bus-power for a single Konnekt unit to run properly. If you experience any problems, please use the provided external power supply as the first effort to solve the problems.
  • Out of the interfaces listed above, Apple Macbook Pro models produced from 2007-2009) can only supply enough power via FireWire for the DesktopKonnekt 6. This is due to Apple changing the initial current being provided via the FireWire port (applies to non-unibody MBP's produced after April '07). This only applies to MacBook Pro models from that period, not MacBooks or other Mac models. One workaround is to connect the power supply until the Konnekt has booted, and then disconnect the power supply again. Current MacBook Pro's do however provide sufficient bus power for all bus powered TC audio interfaces.

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