Using PowerCore with a MOTU PCI-324 in a Macintosh


Sometimes I get popping and clicking in the tracks processed with PowerCore plug-ins when using the MOTU PCI-324 card.


The steps below are not needed if you are using the MOTU 2408 Mark III with the PCI-424 card. If you are considering updating your 2408 or other PCI-324 Sound Card, we strongly recommend a MOTU device featuring the PCI-424.

When using the MOTU PCI-324 card with the PowerCore, there are some situations where you may experience popping and clicking in tracks processed with PowerCore plug-ins. This can occur when there are multiple I/Os attached to the PCI-324 or when a single I/O attached to the PCI-324 and one or more PCI cards -- SCSI or PCI based graphics cards -- in the same Apple Macintosh computer. Fortunately, there are several solutions:

  1. Disable unused channels/banks on the PCI-324 console.
  2. Disable the PCI Graphics card, especially if attached to a second monitor.
  3. Consider purchasing an AGP graphics card to replace your current PCI based solution. (AGP is only available in G4 models.)

Please be aware of the following:

  • That FireWire-based PowerCores cannot be plugged into the FireWire-port of the MOTU PCI-424, as this is only for use with the MOTU Audio-interfaces rather than other FireWire Devices. In this case you would have to either use an on-board FireWire-port or a PCI FireWire card.
  • MOTU now offers an upgrade path from the PCI-324 to a PCI-424 for registered users. This will also give you Apple G5 compatibility for your MOTU system. Visit the MOTU website for further details.

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