Virus Input plug-in not showing up in Logic or Digital Performer


The Virus Input plug-in does not show up in Logic or Digital Performer under PowerCore 2.x on my PowerPC Mac. What is wrong?


Some information was missing in the Virus Input plug-in, causing it not to be identified by the TCAU Audio Units component.

How to fix it:

  1. Request your Virus plug-in again from your TC My Account.
  2. Delete your current Virus plug-ins from your VST plug-ins folder.
  3. Install the new Virus plug-in with the installer you downloaded.
  4. Run the TCAU Patcher located under Applications / Utilities.
  5. Now the Virus Input plug-in should be available in Logic & DP.

Please note: this answer only applies when running PowerCore software versions older than v. 3.

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