Viscous Vibe faulty?


I have just bought a Viscous Vibe. I have noticed that when I have the volume control low, there appears to be a slight delay when switching the pedal off and the normal amp sound returning? Is it supposed to do this?


No worries your Viscous Vibe is not faulty. This is the normal operation of the Viscous Vibe. We designed the Viscous Vibe that way. Once you switch on the pedal, the effect  starts smoothly and progressively. It's the same when you switch off the effect, it takes a few seconds to a complete shutdown. When designing the Viscous Vibe we wanted to reproduce the original effect of the Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe or a true Leslie cab.

The Viscous Vibe works that way regardless the Volume knob position. The Volume knob gives you uni-gain around noon (or a bit more than noon) This means that you will get a volume boost with the Volume all the way up when the effect is engaged. It works this way regardless the bypass type, buffered bypass or true bypass and regardless and the effect selected on the mini toggle switch, Chorus, TonePrint or Vibrato.

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