Vortex Flanger: How to achieve a chorus effect


Can I load a Corona Chorus TonePrint into the Vortex Flanger?


No, it is not possible loadother TonePrints onto the Vortex Flanger, you can only download the specific product TonePrints for each pedal. The are some exceptions, which you will find it here.

However, if you want to have a chorus effect on the Vortex, this is possible by doing the following :

You have to use the TonePrint editor to edit the chorus effect you want. In the section "Modulation Type", you can choose between "Classic Chorus" or "Advanced Chorus". Select gentle settings, otherwise your preset will sound like a Flanger effect and of course, this is not the goal. Select a speed of around 1Hz and a Depth 1 at around 5%. You do not want any feedback, so around 0% (in this case 1%) and the output volume (the level of the effect) should be set to around -8dB. You will get a beautiful chorus sound.

See the edited preset in the TonePrint Editor below :


You will find the TonePrint Editor here on the following page: http://www.tcelectronic.com/toneprint-editor/

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