What does the MASH switch do on the different delay types?

2290 – MASH controls delay feedback and input level giving you a “hold” function
Ana-  MASH controls Feedback and delaytime  (down) for realtime fun
Tape- MASH controls delaytime and boosts feedback to max for some space echo style feedback orgy
Dyn – MASH controls the Gate threshold.Pushing MASH switchtes to a normal delay without the gate
Mod- MASH raises the depth of the Chorus modulation
Crys – MASH controls raises the Octaver send , Feedback and spacing of the Octaver’s filter bank
Rvs- MASH controls “Kill dry” and mutes the dry signal for a Reverse only sound
Toneprint 1 - Tape delay with MASH controlling feedback and soft clip drive amount
Toneprint 2 - Crystal delay based TP with MASH controlling delay feedback and the tone of the octave
Toneprint 3 -  MASH controls the input level of your instrument. !!Note: you won’t hear  any signal unless you press MASH switch while playing!!!

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