What is the iLok User ID / iLok ID?

The iLok User ID, is the ID of your account on the iLok.com website for users of the iLok software copy protection USB smart key.


With an iLok User ID, you will be able to:

  • View the licenses on your iLoks.
  • Move licenses between iLoks.
  • Receive new licenses from software vendors.
  • Synchronize your licenses with the iLok server for Zero Downtime.
  • Securely transfer license ownership to other iLok account holders.

The iLok User ID and an iLok USB key is necessary in order to properly authorize TDM / HD plug-ins.

Some TC Electronic native plug-ins require an iLok USB key - others are able to use license based copy protection, using the iLok license manager application. Please refer to the product pages to be sure or please feel free to get in touch with the TC Support Team.

For more information about the iLok and how it works, please refer to the iLok website

For all support matters regarding transferring plug-ins or lost iLoks, please refer to the the iLok website.

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