Where can I find my plug-in Activation Code, for my optional plug-in?

Activation codes for plug-ins included with PowerCore hardware:

No activation codes are necessary for the plug-ins included with your PowerCore hardware.
Simply download and install the latest PowerCore software from this page.

Activation codes for optional PowerCore plug-ins:

If you bought your optional PowerCore plug-in as a physical productbox from your dealer, the plug-in activation code can be found on a sticker on the red piece of paper located in the productbox (see below):

Image  Image

As some products could have been in stock at a dealer for some time, they may have shipped without an activation code. So in case you do not have a red piece of paper in the productbox with an Activation Code, please get in touch with the TC Support Team and be sure to include the serialnumber of your product.

If you bought your plug-in as a download from our webshop, then the plug-in activation code can be found in the confirmation email you received from us when the purchase was completed.

Please note the following: an Activation Code is only needed the first time you request a plug-in. When doing subsequent plug-in requests, the Activation Code is not required.

In case you are unable to find this email, please get in touch with the TC Support Team.

Did you buy a Virus|PowerCore bundled with a PowerCore PCI / Compact? Then please click here to get more information on finding your Activation Code.

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