Which TonePrint is currently on my pedal?


I downloaded a TonePrint which I liked to my HoF Reverb pedal a couple weeks ago but now cannot remember which TonePrint it was. If I want to experiment with different TonePrint settings in future, how can I tell which TonePrint is on my pedal?


Unfortunately it's not possible to know what TonePrint is currently in your pedal and view its settings. You can send TonePrints from the computer to the pedal but it doesn't work in the other way, from the pedal to computer. 

For Artist TonePrints you need to write down the name of the TonePrint you stored to the pedal to find it again in the future.

For your own TonePrints, I always suggest that once you are satisfied with your own TonePrint, please save it to your computer. Saving it is beneficial because: 

  • You will be able to see the parameters used for your TonePrint and alter them in the future if you wish.
  • You can send your own TonePrints to the pedal again for further uses. 

Please take a look at the TonePrint Editor user manual. You will learn many interesting things. It is located here.

Also, you can browse our FAQ's. There are many topics about TonePrints, TonePrint pedals and TonePrint Editor. It is located here.

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