With Virus|Powercore, the graphical user interface of doesn't appear on my Mac


After installing Virus|Powercore on my Mac, the Plug-in itself shows up and seems to work, but the graphical user interface (UI) is missing.  What's wrong?


Please make sure that you are using StuffIt Expander version 8.02 to unstuff your personalized Virus|Powercore download.

Previous versions of StuffIt can damage the stuffed archive containing the front end graphics of the Virus|Powercore , so the UI will not be visible.
To fix this issue, perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Allume StuffIt website and download the latest Stuffit Expander version.
  2. Delete the Virus Powercore, Virus Powercore Inputs and Virus Powercore.framework files.
  3. Unstuff the VirusPowercoreosxvst file again using the new StuffIt Expander version.

If you have already deleted the archive after the original installation, please use the Virus|Powercore installer to request a new downloadlink from our servers be mailed to you.

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