Wizard Series: Word Clock synchronization not working


Can you explain how the Word Clock synchronization works on Wizard series?


Here is how Word Clock Sync works on Wizard series (Finalizer, Finalizer plus, Finalizer 96K, M2000, M3000, R4000, Fireworx, DBmax,P2) :

  • If you set the input to ANALOG and the clock to external Sync (word clock), Sync works.
  • If you set the INPUT as SPDIF or AES, set the clock to external sync (word clock)  and connect a respective digital cable (SPDIF, AES) to the selected input, the unit will sync. 
  • If you set the input as SPDIF or AES, set the clock to External Sync (word clock), but the SPDIF or AES INPUT is NOT connected, then an error will occur. (no lock)

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